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About Us

At Bija Malas, we believe that playfulness and spirituality belong together. Whether you’re a budding bodhisattva, or a newcomer to your enlightenment journey, gemstone malas are an accessible tool for connecting with your higher power and to bring light into your life. There’s a reason why so many people, across the universe, are turning to meditation; it's one of the best medicines! 

In 2011, Bija Malas was created by Iris Sutalo- owner, creator, busy mother, mala designer, ayurvedic healer, Pacific Northwest transplant, and living room yogi. Our gemstones come from every corner of the world and are chosen based on their beauty and healing principles. During this intuitive handmade process, we meditate on harmony, positivity, and loving intention. 

We at Bija Malas believe the universe is waiting for you to speak and be heard. The hard part is finding the strength to silence ourselves long enough to hear the answers. Meditation teaches us to trust our inner guidance and feel oneness with the universe so that we can see our full potential realized. We all need more of that!

In addition to our online home, you can find Bija Malas at yoga studios and boutiques across the U.S. Visit our website regularly and watch our healing artistry grow as we introduce other authentic metaphysical objects and, of course, more yoga jewelry.  

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